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A Deer Got His Head Stuck in a Plastic Pumpkin

They are gonna like shoot him or something to end his misery. End of story - Thanks for wasting 120 seconds of my time Fox News

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Sheridan, Wyoming Public Library A Great Place

fulmer public library

Located in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming, the Fulmer Public Library is a great place to get free wifi, use the library computers, check out a book on the history of the western states of America, and rent DVDs about local history, such as the Bozeman Trail.

Hold on to your cowboy hat!
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Re-Bloggin’ From ‘da Cornfield Alley


My mom and dad acquired a pretty amazing SLR camera that allows them to capture intimate and expansive moments from their own backyard, located somewhere in the rural eastern parts of North Carolina. I have always looked forward to getting their updates of the wildlife in the area — witness the deer by the pond, above, which my folks think will be having twins — and general updates on the seasons and progress of the landscape.
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