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What CAN’T Putin Do?

Putin on a tatami at the Kodokan Institutein Tokyo on 5 September 2000.

Above, Putin practices judo.  Below, we’ll show you the BEST rendition of Blueberry Hill we’ve ever heard, by Russia’s most accomplished Prime Minister.

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Jenny Holzer on twitter

Check out Jenny Holzer, famous American text/installation artist, now on twitter. Her art is MADE to be on twitter. Her profile linked here.

For more than 140 characters, and a list of other fun twitterers, see below.

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Girls to the Front, a new book about Riot Grrrl History

I probably stared at this record cover hundreds of times after high school everyday when I was 15 and 16.  I was lucky enough a few years later to take video art classes at my undergrad university with the woman who shot the record cover, Tammy Rae Carland.  Along with Bikini Kill, bands like Huggy Bear, Sleater Kinney, Team Dresch, and other bands like Sister George, L7, Seven year Bitch, and even HOLE, were members of a loose network of primarily female musicians who carved a unique niche in the music scene throughout the 90’s.

Flip the record. . .

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Robert Plant Picks Up Some Grammys, Looks as Creepy as a Jethro Tull Album Cover

Robert Plant Looks Like Aqualung

My boy Bobby P Picked up some grammys last night.  Unfortunately, he is cultivating a look that is eerily similar to the cover of the Jethro Tull album Aqualung.  What do you think?  Should Samson cut his trademark locks?

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The Only Thing That I Will Write About the Election

I think that this video sums it up perfectly.

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Night of the Living Dead Remixed - NOTLD:R

Remaking all of the scenes from NOTLD. Animate or re-enact your favorite or least favorite scene. This is all because Romero and pals forgot to copyright the original film. It is completely free to reproduce, screen for profit, etc. Totally proto-Creative Commons style. I love it!

Visit the Night of the Living Dead Reanimated web site to put in work.

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Street With a View - Best Google Easter Egg Ever!!

We reported on this several months ago when we were involved in the shooting of this project.  Artists Ben Kinsley and Robin Hewlett collaborated with the Google Street View team to create “Street with a View”.  This project involved months of planning, a cast of hundreds of Pittsburghers, and the cooperation of the Mattress Factory.  Here is the Official Street With A View Web Site.

This performative easter egg is, hands down, the coolest and most elaborate easter egg that google has ever snuck in to one of their products. Check it out!

Driving Directions:

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Go ’bout half a mile dawn sampsonia

If yinz get to the park, yinz guys went too far.

Pretty cool huh?  It almost didn’t happen. [Read more]

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The Great Schlep: Sarah Silverman Charges Young Jews to Schlep their Vote to Florida Grandparents

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

More Sarah Silverman below the Mason-Dixon line
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Sarah Palin and John McCain — CHANGE you can count on!

Palin's Pillow

From the series Palin’s Pillows.  Because propaganda should be comfortable.

More info after the seam:

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Taxidermied Squirrel Dioramas!!! Yay.

The gang over at Extreme Craft put these bad boys up. An amazing collection of taxidermied squirrels and other animals that can be viewed in the basement of a funeral home in Madison Wisconsin. I wish that I had this much free time. And who says that people that work with the dead aren’t just like you and me!

Exterme Craft Story

Flickr Photo Set

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