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Thriller! Braddock Badass LaToya Ruby Frazier takes on Levi’s in SOHO

LaToya Ruby Frazier, in collaboration with Liz Magic Laser, makes this fantastic video reflecting upon the gap between commercial capitalist slogans by a giant jeans manufacturer, Levi’s, and the small Pennsylvania community of Braddock, outside of Pittsburgh, PA, where the scene is decidedly different from how the jeans company depicts it in a recent advertising campaign.

It’s a pretty brilliant performance that calls into question Levi’s own slogan, “Everyone’s work is equally important” — especially because some would question what this artist’s work is ‘worth’.

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W.A.G.E. RAGE SURVEY! Calling all artists!

Report the bastards in NYC who aren’t supporting their local artists (and us national ones that have to — GASP — fly into New York if we want to visit a certified white cube) with stipends or subsidies when they ask for our artwork in their galleries.

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The Only Thing That I Will Write About the Election

I think that this video sums it up perfectly.

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The Great Schlep: Sarah Silverman Charges Young Jews to Schlep their Vote to Florida Grandparents

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

More Sarah Silverman below the Mason-Dixon line
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Sarah Palin and John McCain — CHANGE you can count on!

Palin's Pillow

From the series Palin’s Pillows.  Because propaganda should be comfortable.

More info after the seam:

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Washington University Vice Presidential Debate

Russia Debaters

“See Russia From Here — WELCOME DEBATERS”

Vintage Vinyl on the Loop in St. Louis, Missouri

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