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Gooski’s Bathroom Graffiti Compilation

Gooski's Bathroom Graffiti
Photo by Niemster

One of the greatest bars in the world, Gooski’s, here in Pittsburgh, PA is difficult to describe. It is sensory overload and sensory deprivation at the same time. The fact that it is both the brightest bar and the darkest bar in town (depending upon where you are standing), is just one of the examples of why Gooski’s is one of the most dynamic cultural epicenters that serves alcohol in Pittsburgh. Pipe fitters, sneaker peekers, punkers, and retirees all commiserate over Iron Cities and Stellas while The New York Dolls blasts from the Jukebox. Girltalk plays to a SRO crowd in the back of the bar while the locals cuss him out in the front. A free drink or a boot to the ass could be coming at any minute… and the bathrooms are a Pittsburgh graffiti Mecca. They are a glimpse of Jackson Pollock vs. Jean-Michel Basquiat that results in a seizure educing sensory overload. I have compiled a collection of bathroom graffiti after the break.


Gooski\'s Graffiti
Photo by Niemster

“In the end, PGH will rule all”

Gooski\'s Bar Pittsburgh
Photo by planetschwa

Gooski\'s Bathroom
Photo by ShimmeeGrrl

Photo by Kellymilk

Gooski\'s Graffiti Women\'s Room
Photo by Kellymilk

Tony Danza
Photo stolen from The New Yinzer. Thanks Gang!

- I did “it” with Jaromir Jagr at the Hills in Penn Hills and he was all busted and fucking awesome!!


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